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A studio like no other…

We’re abut community and longevity; health and well being. We’re here for a long time and a good time. So come join us, check out the difference between our fitness classes and our yoga classes. Experience benefits of infrared heat without dehydrating your body or feeling light headed. Here at Beach Yoga – we’re beyond instant gratification. We want to help you build gradually towards accomplishments both on and off the mat same as we do with our heated classes. Enjoy a controlled temperature so you can focus on you!

Perhaps you’re bouncing from one studio or gym to the next.. searching for the lowest price but realistically interested in a quality class. You want to find a place you want to spend the 10 minutes in traffic for. A place you’re welcome, recognized and appreciated. Perhaps this next stop, at Beach Yoga, will be the experience you hoped to have at a price that’s not just affordable but worth it.

We are a community here – resident teachers (some have been with us for more than 3 years!) and members who celebrate similar anniversaries. We believe we’re one of a kind and here’s why:

  • All of our teachers are certified minimally with 200 hour certificates
  • We respect the difference between “working out” and “doing yoga” (important for the yogis out there…)
  • We offer classes 364 days of the year, only closed on Christmas Day.
  • Classes range from 6:00am – 8:15pm
  • Exclusive offering of Beach Therapy
  • 3000 square feet of space gives you individual washrooms and showers
  • Bottomless fresh brewed, local tea
  • Complimentary mat rentals
  • Our teachers practice here too!

The list could be endless. Beach Yoga is unique because it’s been made for you: some of us play physical sports or have physical job requirements. A few of us are ‘stuck in our ways’ and are bored or perhaps you’re an avid runner and will jog your way here… The idea is that your uniqueness is what brings you to us! We are able to offer physical adjustments, modifications and most important: the support to come back, try it again.

At Beach Yoga & Wellness, it doesn’t matter if you are brand new to exercise or if you are a competitive athlete, we have something special to offer you… and that’s because our class sizes aren’t too big. We not only respect your need for space but also our teachers to ensure they’re able to provide an experience that is uniquely yours.

But of course, this is all biased, coming from our team.. we feel the inspiration and motivation everyday. We soak up the moments of relaxation, admire the beads of sweat and build ourselves up to be the best versions we can be. So to be sure, you’ll have to come and try for yourself!

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