Karma Yoga – A way to give back

Aloha Beach Yogi(ni)s!


This is a special invitation for you – you and just 19 other members. Join Amanda and Brittaney as they co-teach and guide you through a 90 minute yin stretch & flow class with special live music guest, Wayne Lambert.


The trio was last together for the Earth Day class which was a success within the studio – we are thrilled to be back and offer this community Karma class for our members at Beach Yoga and beyond.


This Karma class is in support of a local, grassroots effort to support residence of the Downtown Eastside. A local woman began 5 years ago taking a single meal and change of clothes to a young homeless girl in the area she had a family relationship with. Over the months and years she has increased her support by personally cooking for nearly 500 residence every Monday.


Amanda, Brittaney and Wayne want to contribute to this, preferred anonymous person, by hosting this Karma class. Please join us to make a difference in the lives of others. Donations by cash only.




This practice is put together in a unique, collaborative way. Our trios intention is to offer you a smaller-than usual class size to ensure we are able to provide a personal-style practice where Amanda and Brittaney are easily able to offer physical adjustments (optional) and also provide specific verbal cues to help you deepen your physical practice.

In this 90 minute class Amanda and Brittaney will co-teach. Offering a yin style practice with a pranayama focus, and moving through a deep stretch style, opening areas of the body to build a foundation for the ladder half of heat building and self-exploratory flow sequence. Enjoy a guided savasana at the end all the while practicing to live, energetically appropriate music expressed by Wayne.
Will you join us? This Sunday, September 27th at 1:30pm – 3:00pm Donations can be made when you come in for class. And feel free to bring a friend or family member who is not a part of our regular community. Just be sure to email [email protected] to let us know so we can reserve their space.
Act quick, register for class, here.
Amanda, Brittaney & Wayne are looking forward to sharing space with you this weekend.

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