Introducing the Fall Schedule & Why

Aloha Beach Yogi(ni)s,

Prior to, and more so since, the Fall schedule being posted I’ve been at the center of conversations regarding the changes to classes. I wanted to write this quick post to accompany the changes as I recognize change is often not easy or comfortable.

First, I want to mention a few things that contribute to the changes. There are many things to take into account and we do our best to weigh the input appropriately. Did you know our Beach community is near 400 strong? And we think organizing our family of four is difficult… With that in mind, below are the 3 key things we consider as we make the changes, every season.

striving for balance

striving for balance

  • Your input
    • In the studio, chatting with Brittaney, Nash & Amanda 
    • The fall survey, emails and phone calls
  • Our team members have families and lives, too!
    • Our teachers are passionate people; they’re supportive and motivated to guide you through classes. We hope you can appreciate and respect their schedules can change, too: with kids, personal commitments and often other careers! We do our very best to accommodate their needs to ensure they  are still available to  you
  • Class attendance
    • I appreciate your practice with us and know you don’t have the luxury to come as often or as consistent as you want. We monitor class attendance to ensure that the class time, teacher and style are the best value to our community


I recognize many of you change your personal, family and work commitments to make it to the classes with your preferred teachers and these changes cause rifts in your everyday plan. With the list above and appreciating your schedule I ask for you to be positive and open. Just as you sink into your physical practice and you’re asked or guided to let-go and be at peace with the possibilities, I ask for you to consider the same with the new Fall schedule.

But also remember: It’s just us! We’re not a business who doesn’t welcome feedback! Please continue the conversations with me. Talking amongst yourselves or just to your teacher(s) is not going to help me change so I do ask you connect with me. A note about this invitation: 5 minutes before your class is not the appropriate time. You can call me between 8am-7pm. 778-872-3224. If I don’t answer, leave me a message to call you back. Or stay after class. But please be patient, many people have class questions and I am just one person. Or even still, you can text or email me [email protected]


I hope this short post sheds some light on the why behind the changes and that it helps you deepen your practice by trying something new this Fall season.


As always, as a team, we send you the best regards,


Beach Yoga & Wellness

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