Yoga & Fitness


Beach Yoga – Alignment 1/2

Explore the optimal alignment of your body! This practice will move slowly with little vinyasa to allow time to explore the simple and more complex principles of alignment in order to understand the mechanics of the yoga practice and create a safer, stronger practice. Expect to hold certain postures for extended periods of time and also practice the same posture more than once during class to experience the change in your body as you begin to ‘open’ and relax the muscles.

Beach Yoga – Ashtanga (90 minute practice)

Learn the ancient tradition of Ashtanga yoga. A practice that links breathe, movement and drishti to help aid in purification of the mind body and spirit. Ashtanga yoga is a series of set postures that the practitioner learns to master over time. Through the mastery of this practice you will gain a strong lean body and grow in awareness. Good for all levels. All that is required is to practice.

Beach Yoga – Core & Flow

Yoga – Core and Flow is a level 2 class. This continuously moving class will challenge your physical abilities with varying balancing postures. You’ll find the basics of surya namaskar a and surya namaskar b in each class and will continually use the vinyasa to flow from posture to posture. Expect a steady pace through class. Basic knowledge of postures is helpful but not required.

Beach Yoga – Deep Stretch & Relaxation

A practice ideal for the beginner and long-practiced yogi. During this class you will be holding postures for long periods of time allowing your body to genuinely stretch, letting go of internal toxins causing dull pain or stiffness in the body. This class is a great complement an active lifestyle.

Beach Yoga – Freedom Flow

Freedom flow is an all levels class. This class will have a variety of sequences to intrigue new comers and the seasoned practitioner. The teacher may begin the class by asking what each person may want to explore or what areas of the body are wanting attention and guide the class specifically to what is offered. Anticipate beginning movement with both surya namaskar a&b, guided by the teacher. Level 3 practitioners come prepared to know when to explore the more advanced option of poses as the teacher continues to guide the level 1&2 practitioners with foundational queues.

Beach Yoga – Happy Hips

Happy Hips Yoga is a great class to help stretch and strengthen your hips. Postures will be held for considerable time to allow your body time to move beyond the initial discomfort and to a place of genuinely benefit. Variations will be offered, and props can also be used (placement offered by the teacher). You may use the occasional flow to move gracefully from one pose into the next and also explore the occasional intermediate poses for those who are working on advanced postures.

Beach Yoga – Power

A quick paced class focused on steady flow of vinyasas and advanced postures. Knowledge of both surya namaksa a&b are recommended. Be prepared to work hard, sweat lots and bust out some playful yoga poses such as crow, bird of paradise, eight-angle pose and other fun advanced poses. This class challenges you physically and is a great class to explore how your practice has grown. Join this class for encouragement to try things you haven’t before, build on the knowledge you have and support others in their growth.


Beach Fusion – Burn & Firm (Intense)

Enjoy a 1 hour Burn & Firm class where we will be using Pilates bands & Yoga Blocks to target your core, back, butt, thighs and arms! Get ready for a high energy class with high energy music and the spirit of Aloha! Be prepared to sweat like never before!

Beach Fusion – Arms, Abs & Buns

Arms, Abs & Buns is a fun class where we will be using bands, blocks and balls to help tone, tighten and firm our “trouble areas”. We start off with Yoga, blend it in with some great Pilates moves as well as core training and finish off in a nice and relaxing savasana! Come and join us for a great hour of a perfect blend of intensity and relaxation.

Beach Fusion – Yoga/Pilates Mix

This is a Full Body Fusion class! A proven workout that will reshape and firm your glutes, legs, arms and abs with a yoga and pilates routine. Be prepared to sweat while having fun with high energy music and a routine that will get you serious results. The class finishes off with a lovely savasana (relaxation) component, leaving you feeling energized and relaxed all at the same time!