Beach Yoga App

Beach Yoga App!

Beach Yoga Android And iTunes Yoga AppAt Beach Yoga and Wellness, we believe in making things incredibly simple for our members. That’s why we’ve created our very own FREE Beach Yoga App that you can download right from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Our convenient Beach Yoga App for iPad, iPhone & Android App is available for free! Here’s why our members love our App:

  • Beach Yoga App lets you quickly and easily sign up for your classes right on the fly
  • Beach Yoga App helps you update your profile, add a photo, upload documents etc..
  • Beach Yoga App allows you to purchase memberships and products no matter where you are
  • Beach Yoga App also lets you cancel existing reservations so you if you are stuck at work or running late, you won’t need to worry about getting to your laptop or desktop
  • Beach Yoga App is created so that it is incredibly easy to call us, text us and get directions
  • Beach Yoga App also gives you exclusive notifications to last minute surprise sales, important announcements and so on

Once you are logged in, you will always be logged in! This saves you even more time when booking your classes online.

iPhone / iPad

Click here to download our iPhone / iPad app.


Click here to download our Android app.